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When we first started hosting Home Run for Chelsea, we wanted to share the joy that we experienced as a family watching our son Tyler play while his sister Chelsea cheered him on. Over the past 7 years, in part because of this tournament, we have been able to pass laws that protect more than 17 million kids, and we have been able to award over $650,000 in scholarships. You have provided us the light and the strength to move mountains.

As beautiful as Homerun For Chelsea and the  accomplishments are, they come with a toll. There is always a balance now in our lives that has pain on one side, and joy on the other. It never goes away. It’s the paradigm of loss. With this said, we are choosing to change the way Chelsea’s Light Foundation accomplishes its mission to protect the joy and innocence of childhood. We have decided to sunset our annual baseball tournament and, starting September 1st, we will begin our dedicated focus on advocacy. We want to create a powerful voice that puts children first and is heard in every State Capital building, in Congress, in the Senate, and in the White House. We dream of engaging every person who cares about their kids to lend their voice, and it starts with you!

We are kicking off the creation of an exciting new venture and need your support. Instead of playing in Home Run for Chelsea, we ask that you commit to joining us to build out what we are calling “Protect the Joy,” an organization to protect all children. It’s based on the concept of a membership organization much like the Sierra Club that protects trees or the Surfrider foundation that protects coastlines, but we will be protecting children. What we need now are introductions to the key changemakers in your network who can help get us started and your commitment to join us when we launch! We will be unveiling our website the first week of September where you can learn more and register your support, at We humbly ask for your patience as we put the foundational blocks together and look forward to having you by our side as we continue our journey to protect every child. 

Thank you for always standing with us, holding us up when we felt like falling, and hugging us when we needed it most. 

Brent & Kelly King